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Falling For Fall For Dance North 2015

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It was an incredible privilege to have been able to attend the inaugural three day dance festival extraordinaire Fall For Dance North last week!

We also had the great opportunity to speak with the duo behind the festival’s creation, Madeleine Skoggard and Ilter Ibrahimof, as well as Mark Hammond, the CEO of the Sony Centre.

It’s wonderful to know that initiatives like Fall for Dance North that provide financially accessible dance tickets are out there!

About Fall for Dance North

Fall for Dance North is “inspired by the internationally acclaimed Fall for Dance™ festival, established by New York City Center in 2004. A democratic ethos underpins the festival concept, with the goal of inviting audiences to experience – and to ultimately fall for – dance at the extremely low price of $10 per ticket for a full-evening, mixed program. Fall for Dance North programs a wide range of dance forms from Canadian and international artists and companies, offering encounters with both the familiar and the unfamiliar, for the newcomer and the enthusiast alike.

“Toronto is a city of movers and shakers in all walks of life. Of course it should have a dedicated dance festival with world-class performances that reflect the diversity and dynamism of its population. And those performances should be available to as many people as possible. Fall for Dance North offers the city’s audiences and artists greater exposure to domestic and international dance – and the opportunity to explore perspectives and preferences.”

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