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historic interpreter at Gibson House
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Amazing Interpreted Tour at Gibson House!

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We stepped back in time! Fabulous visit to historical museum Gibson House, a refurbished Georgian-style house from the 1850s.

A shout out to Dorie for taking the time to speak to us about the museum and for arranging a private, guided tour from an interpreter.


“Built in 1851, Gibson House was the home of Scottish immigrant David Gibson and his family. He was a land surveyor who helped map early Toronto. Wanted by the government for participating in the Upper Canada Rebellion of 1837, Gibson was forced to flee to the United States where he and his family remained for 11 years. On their return to York County, the Gibsons built this beautiful home and once again became active members of their rural community.

“Gibson House Museum is one of 10 historic museums operated by the City of Toronto. Toronto’s Historic Sites engage visitors, inspire passion, challenge ideas and connect the past to the present.”

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