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students green screened onto photo of Ontario Place
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The Art of Nostalgia at In/Future

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Our first Arts Management class outing for our Creation, Production and Dissemination class was to “In/Future” – a new 11 day art and music festival held at Ontario Place from September 15-25, 2016.

As many of us remember, Ontario Place (closed to the public since 2012) was once a vibrant, innovative and futuristic amusement park.

The brainchild of Rui Pimenta and Layne Hinton of Art Spin, “In/Future” re-envisioned and revitalized Ontario Place.

Art, music and performance engulfed the man-made island bringing this deserted part of the city back to life, however briefly.

Partner and music curator Alan Davis of Small World Music graciously took the time to speak with our class and let us in on some of the challenges of putting together this festival.

The biggest one, was to bring this ambitious project to fruition in under 12 months! We were impressed.

The quality of the art was amazing and really played to the nostalgia felt by many of us who had grown up with annual summer visits to Ontario Place.

Hopefully this festival will continue.

Regardless, it has opened the door to the re-imagining of this part of the city “in/future” and the potential for Ontario Place to become once again, a part of what makes our Toronto unique.