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Press Release 2020

For immediate release: February 6th, 2020 | Please include in all listings and announcements.

Arts Ahead Presents

Transforming Tomorrow: 

Creating and Producing Art in a Changing World

Created by Centennial College’s Postgraduate Arts Management Program

Thursday February 20th, 2020 | Toronto Media Arts Centre, Toronto 

The goal of this year’s event is to inspire attendees to change their perspectives on how they make art or manage an arts organization in order to adapt to the current political, social, and environmental culture. We will do so by examining the current changes happening within the arts and its management, as well as the future changes that will be necessary in order to adapt. We are currently in the process of programming a diverse range of contributors to our event, which will include both arts managers and artists at various stages in their careers. We are avoiding traditional symposium formats such as keynote speakers. Our goal is to encourage participants to have agency over their own symposium experience by providing an open space that allows them to engage with topics they feel are important and helping attendees to make connections with other like minded individuals.

Speakers Confirmed as of February 5th, 2020:

Melissa Foster | North York Arts Joss Monzon | VirtualwareIlana Altman | The Bentway
Christine Moynihan | MOonhORsE Dance Theatre Sean Martindale | Independent ArtistKevin Mathew Wong | Why Not Theatre | Broadleaf Theatre
Lindy Kinoshameg | Young People’s TheatreVictor Pokinki | Bad Hats TheatreIzzie Colpitts Campbell | Dames Making Games
Luke Reece | Obsidian Theatre Yara El Safi | Independent Artist


The key topics that we hope to cover are:

  • Emerging and New Generation Art Professionals and Art Leaders
  • Art and Activism – Art for Social Justice
  • Immersive and Interactive Experiences – Encouraging new ways to create and consume art
  • Breaking Barriers in Creating and Producing – How we can make art as accessible as possible 

A few formats that will be included in the event:

Pecha Kucha Style Talks

A Pecha Kucha style talk is a quick, engaging way for an artist to discuss their work. It consists of twenty slides, each of which will be shown for twenty seconds, thus allowing the entire speech to take place in approximately 6 or 7 minutes. Rather than have a formal question and answer period, guests will be encouraged to engage with speakers in a networking period after all of our Pecha Kucha style presentations are complete.

Open Space

Open Space is a self-led breakout discussion workshop. A facilitator introduces the symposium theme and will invite participants to suggest topics or questions that they would like to address within that theme. The facilitator will then prompt each person with a topic to create their own breakout group for discussion. Attendees are welcome to move from group to group or stay with one discussion, depending on what they’re interested in.

Arts Ahead is an annual one-day symposium for arts professionals and cultural leaders from organizations across Ontario. It is an event organized and created by the Arts Management post-graduate cohort at Centennial College. As aspiring arts managers with backgrounds in various disciplines, students came together under the umbrella of Arts Ahead to highlight the importance of arts management and the arts through an annual symposium. Through these events, Arts Ahead seeks to provide cultural professionals with practical development and networking opportunities to strengthen the position of arts management within the Toronto and Canadian arts, culture, and heritage industries.

Arts Ahead is immensely grateful for the supporters and partners who share the same passion for arts and culture and make this paramount event possible.



Toronto Media Arts Centre | 32 Lisgar Street, Toronto 

Thursday, February 20th, 2020 | 9:30am – 4:30pm 

Ticket Prices Vary

Students/seniors: $25 | Arts Worker: $50 | General: $85 Tickets can be purchased at

Hashtags: #transformingtomorrow #artsahead #artsahead2020

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