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About 2023

About Arts Ahead

Arts Ahead is an annual symposium for arts professionals and cultural leaders organized by the post-graduate Arts Management cohort at Centennial College. The full-day event is an opportunity for artists and arts workers to share professional insights and participate in meaningful dialogue about current and future trends in the arts & culture landscape. The symposium also provides a networking forum for aspiring arts managers and current industry professionals to strengthen the position of arts management within the Toronto and Canadian arts, culture, and heritage industries.

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About 2023 Symposium

Lost, Found, and Unbound: Exploring Overlooked Opportunities for Arts Engagement

Arts Ahead 2023 will explore overlooked opportunities for arts engagement in an ever-changing world. Through a series of panels and interactive workshops with industry professionals, the symposium will spotlight the value of art in unexpected places, examine creative avenues for audience development, and discuss efforts to break industry barriers by prioritizing accessibility, diversity, and equity.


Arts Ahead 2023 Vision

  • To explore new and exciting ways to use art as a tool to reclaim public spaces and disrupt everyday routines;
  • To discover and encourage art in unexpected places – whether in the real world or online;
  • To strengthen the relationship between arts organizations and the public through overlooked opportunities for community engagement;
  • To discuss creative avenues to improve accessibilitydiversity, and equity in the arts;
  • To identify and promote the value of arts integration across a wide array of fields including business, education, environmental sustainability, urban planning, and therapy;
  • To imagine innovative ways to sustain and transform arts engagement in a changing world