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Rebecca Reid

Rebecca Reid (They/Them)

R. Reid is a multidisciplinary artist working in Toronto and is very excited to be one of the Co-Chairs for this year’s Arts Ahead!

They believe strongly that life is about experiencing, and from clown to string quartets, Reid has practiced that adage again and again. Reid has taken the time to work in opera, theatre, dance, live music, and film, among others. They have also taught classes on painting, sculpture, theatre, and textile construction.

Reid is an award-winning actor and playwright and has spoken on panels regarding arts and education in a digital age. When not working on a show you can find them collecting earrings, competing in comic tournaments, choreographing puppets, or wondering WHY their spider plant has yet to grow any spiders.

Yash Chhabria

Yash Chhabria (He/Him)

Yash is an arts manager with experience working for film festivals and theatre companies, coordinating artists and art communities.

Performing arts has played an integral role in his learning process. He is driven to explore the underlying elements of social critique in media and arts. Currently working at the Stratford Festival, Yash is enjoying his time putting his knowledge and learnings to good use. His life goal is to serve the arts community and bring original stories together to the stage or screen.

When not working, you can find him at the theatre watching films, taking in plays, and munching food!