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Arts Ahead Symposium

Arts Ahead is an annual symposium for arts professionals and cultural leaders organized by the post-graduate Arts Management cohort at Centennial College. The full-day event is an opportunity for artists and arts workers to share professional insights and participate in meaningful dialogue about current and future trends in the arts & culture landscape. The symposium also provides a networking forum for aspiring arts managers and current industry professionals to strengthen the position of arts management within the Toronto and Canadian arts, culture, and heritage industries.

Arts Ahead 2024 Theme

Interweaving Threads: Cultural Collaboration in the Arts

Arts Ahead 2024 will explore the impact of cultural collaboration on the Tkaronto/Toronto arts sector. Through a series of panels and interactive workshops with industry professionals, the symposium will explore how cultural collaboration can uplift underrepresented voices and bridge intergenerational gaps, the impact of cross-cultural education in the arts such as through the use of technology, and the impact cultural exchange has on the Canadian economy.

Arts Ahead 2024 Vision

  • To encourage cultural education and bridge intergenerational gaps through historical and cross cultural learning.
  • To create a strong sense of community through the interweaving of various cultures and experiences in the Tkaronto/Toronto arts and culture sector.  
  • To continue the conversation around the importance of providing arts and cultural spaces that are inclusive, diverse, and accessible to those who have historically been underrepresented in the arts sector. 
  • To be culturally relevant in providing artists, arts organizations and cultural collaborators the resources and information they need to succeed in the current political and economic climate. 
  • To discuss the future for artists and arts organizations under rapid technological advancements and how we can use these advancements to inspire new and exciting artistic projects.
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