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Charmian Chan

Charmian Chan (She/Her)

Charmian (SHAR-mee-an) is an aspiring arts administrator with experience working in galleries in Toronto and Hong Kong.

Proudly born and raised in Hong Kong, she received her bachelor’s degree in Creative Arts and Culture from The Education University of Hong Kong and currently pursuing a certification in Arts Management at Centennial College. She has a great interest in exhibition curation, outreach, and contemporary art.

As a team player and outgoing person, Charmian is excited for future opportunities working with non-profit art organizations and young and emerging artists.

Aiko Calasagsag

Aiko Calasagsag (She/Her)

Aiko graduated of Bachelor in Science of Interior Design from the University of San Agustin, Philippines. She has extensive years of professional background in Interior Design At Vitrine Interior Furniture and Interior Design Firm.

Aside from working in the Design industry she also works as a freelance artist mainly in mural and canvas painting, through her passion for arts, Aiko decided to pursue it and completed Arts and Design Fundamentals at Centennial College.

In her spare time, she also loves to create DIY home decor and sculpture.

Maria Triviño

Maria Triviño (She/Her)

Maria is a journalist who graduated from Javeriana University in Colombia with 10 years of experience. She worked as a cultural reporter for numerous magazines and international news agencies, and also as editor of Avianca Entertainment airline magazine and Vivir & Viajar, a tourism specialized magazine in Colombia.

For the past few years, Maria worked for different brands creating content marketing, making PR, and planning events. She is currently studying Arts Management at Centennial College in Toronto as a way to connect with other cultures, understand how to manage successful cultural events, and match her cultural past experience.

Kent Kwok

Kent Kwok (He/Him)

Kent is a graduate of University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Conservation. He is an emerging arts administrator with wide experience in the museum and performing arts sectors, specialising in program curation, event operations, docent, artefact management, ticketing and social media marketing.

With the hopes of expanding his knowledge in the field, he is currently completing a postgraduate certificate in Arts Management at Centennial College.

When not completing his assignment, Kent is probably reading detective stories and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.