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Alex Chen

Alex Chen is a cross-disciplinary designer, leveraging the art of selling anything while putting a focal point on design. Alex pitches its fashion background where business problems are tackled with empathy, warmth and design strategies to generate the most beneficial results for key stakeholders.

When Alex is not working, it’s either playing the guitar, sketching about improvisational ideas or wrapping up another prospecting clientele list in its brain.

Afsaneh Akhoondi

Afsaneh Akhoondi is an Iranian-based visual artist living in Toronto. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and exhibiting experiences. She holds an MFA in Arts from Iran and is currently pursuing a certificate in Arts Management at Centennial College, Toronto. Her professional experience includes serving as a faculty member and program coordinator at Azad Art University in Tehran, where she lectured on art history, visual artwork analysis, and criticism. Afsaneh has a strong passion for contemporary art and is eager to further enhance her managerial and exhibit skills through the Arts Management program at Centennial College, which will undoubtedly complement her experience in the arts.

Livia Savoy

Livia Savoy Livia Savoy was born and raised in Brazil, where she worked as a dancer, teacher and rehearsal assistant for several years, as well as got her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Her passion for dance brought her to Toronto to keep developing her skills as a teacher at Canada’s National Ballet School, and now she is pursuing a Postgraduate Certification in Arts Management. Livia is looking forward to combining her passion for dance with her administrative skills into the arts sector.

Gabriela Rodrigues

Gabriela Rodrigues Gabriela Rodrigues is an international student from Brazil. She has a bachelor’s degree in English in her home country and moved to Canada to pursue further education in Arts Management. Gabriela lives her life for the vast experiences it grants, following new passions and opportunities wherever they lead her. Working with others to organize and operate cultural events is one of those passions, and she hopes to organize and participate in many shows, festivals, and events in the future to come.

Photos by Nickolas Davies-Hall and Ajay Subedi

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