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Mission 2020

Transforming Tomorrow: Creating and Producing Art in a Changing World

Our mission is to create and inspire attendees to change their perspectives on how they make art or manage an arts organization in order to adapt to the current political, social, and environmental culture.

To examine the current changes happening within the arts and its management as well as the future changes that will be necessary in order to adapt. To encourage participants to have agency over their own symposium experience by providing an open space that allows them to engage with topics they feel are important. To help attendees make connections with other like-minded individuals.

  • Different social justice issue being tackled by artists (environmental feminism, LGBTQ+, ecology, etc)
  • Policymakers included in the events (government/art councils)
  • Arts managers of varying types and organizations
  • Representations of different genders and cultures
  • Multidisciplinary artists/science + art
  • Discussion of art activism, government policy, technology, arts entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary art, the environment
  • Professionals in different stages of their careers