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Santiago Guzmán Alarcón

Santiago Guzmán Alarcón (He/Him)

Santiago is a graduate from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana with a Bachelor of Arts in Music & Audio Engineering. He is currently pursuing Arts Management at Centennial College in hopes of acquiring the expertise needed to lead organizations that can impact in meaningful ways the lives of Colombian artists.

Coming from a background in Music, Film & TV, Santiago’s goal is to delve into interdisciplinary projects and festivals while continuing to build on his management and leadership skills. He was a volunteer at AES New York (2017), was nominated for best sound design at the 48h Film Project (2017), and won “best sound design” at AES Javeriana (2019).

Rory Gilheany

Rory Gilheany (He/Him)

Rory is a creative young professional living in Toronto with a passion for arts & culture, particularly film and music. He is enrolled in the Arts Management program at Centennial College with the goal of working in festival planning and programming. He has a wide range of experience in film & television production, event planning, and journalism.

Combining his diverse work experience with a love of travelling, Rory hopes to create a long and impactful career in the arts – in Canada and abroad!

Laura Torres

Laura Torres (She/Her)

Laura is an Art Historian, from Bogotá, Colombia. She recently graduated from Museum and Cultural Management and is currently pursuing Arts Management at Centennial College in hopes of working in the Arts and Culture sector in Toronto.

Laura’s goal is to continue working with cultural projects that integrate the community and strive to create engaging and lasting experiences while continuing to build on her management skills for personal growth and development. She has international experience in different areas within the visual arts as an assistant curator, exhibition developer, and collections manager in Bogota, Chicago, and Toronto.

Felix Cheng

Felix Cheng (He/Him)

Felix is a writer, Arts Manager & Educator, Event Planner & Coordinator, TV Program Producer & Director, Global Fashion Magazine Feature Director, amateur photographer, and a Travel & Gardening lover.

With more than a decade of experience, he had great chances working with and interviewing hundreds of artists and institutions and obtained an excellent reputation. Felix published his first book in 2016 in China and is currently preparing his second work.

He graduated from The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing in 2007 and currently attending the Arts Management Program at Centennial College.