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Danilo Navas is a professional communicator with many years of experience working as a Web Specialist. He’s a Web Publisher with a passion for the arts and culture based in Toronto, Canada. Founder of the online magazines Latin Jazz Network, World Music Report & That Canadian Magazine. As a Freelancer, he creates and maintains websites for artists, mostly musicians, and works on events and social media management and promotions. He’s currently pursuing a Post Graduate Certification in Arts Management at Centennial College. Danilo enjoys attending concerts, music festivals, and always carries with him a photographic camera. His favourite subject: musicians performing.

An award-winning multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, Kunle’s folk and soul music bridges contemporary styles with roots in West African rhythms and stories. Nigerian-born and currently based in Toronto, Kunle combines his rich vocals, guitar tapping, harmonica and talking drum to take audiences into what he terms ‘music with no boundaries. 

Over the past three years, Kunle has experienced a transformative journey, evolving into a versatile producer, composer, and performer. From enthralling showcases on the stages of prestigious festivals throughout North America, Africa, and Europe to making a notable debut on theatre stages, including the esteemed Stratford Festival, Kunle embodies the philosophy that creative expression is not just a performance but a way of life.

Photos by Nickolas Davies-Hall and Ajay Subedi

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