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Christina DiPaola, Josh Heuman, Amir Ali Alibhai, Sergei Petrov, Rachel Murad
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Programming Panel

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On Wednesday October 5th, we were honoured to have Amirali Alibhai Head of Performing Arts at the Aga Khan Museum, Sergei Petrov Executive Director of Scarborough Arts, and Josh Heuman Curator of Education and Public Programs at the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, speak to our class about programming in their facilities.

We are so thankful for all the knowledge these professionals could share with us. We discussed the importance of programming to diverse audiences, collaborating with fellow arts organizations and professionals , and raising support for these programs. Most importantly, we learned that in order to create successful programs, we must communicate with our target audience.

As Arts Ahead 2016/17, that means YOU Millennials! We can’t wait to try out the new concepts and ideas we learned from this discussion when putting on our symposium in the new year: Engaging Millennials; Adapting the Field of Arts Management.

Josh Heuman, Amir Ali Alibhai and Sergei Petrov
From left: Josh Heuman, Curator of Education and Public Programs at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery; Amir Ali Alibhai, Head of Performing Arts at the Aga Khan Museum; and Sergei Petrov, Executive Director Scarborough Arts (and Centennial College Alumnus).

Bonus: Homemade cupcakes and treats from Rachel Murad! Find more of her delicious work at

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