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Bob Sirman, Pat Bradley and Natasha Powell
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Government Funding Panel

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Last Wednesday, we had the pleasure of welcoming three professional Arts leaders into our classroom. Each guest represented three different levels of government funding including the Canada Council’s former C.E.O., Bob Sirman, Ontario Arts Council’s, Pat Bradley, Theatre, Major Organizations and Compass Officer, and the Toronto Art’s Council’s Interim Grants Officer, Dance and Literary Arts, Natasha Powell.

As emerging arts managers, we had a chance to learn about three unique individuals each one sharing with us their careers and the path they took to get to where they are today.

We then focused on questions related more specifically to government funding for the Arts. Questions included, what kinds of grants are offered, how juries are made up to reflect representation from various art disciplines and communities, and what it takes to apply for a Grant as an Artist or Arts organization.

It remains clear through our conversation that no matter who you are, whether an individual Artist or an Arts Organization be it large or just starting out, there are many highly experienced people working to help support creative ideas and missions. Dedication to providing supportive and professional assistance ensures us that our communities are filled with many wonderful art products which can only continue to strengthen all communities, large and small.