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Subtle Technologies and Zach Pearl

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Zach Pearl

Zach Pearl

UPDATE: Zach Pearl is now one of our keynote speakers at this year’s symposium! He will be speaking about “Adapting Arts Management to New Technologies”.

For our Innovative Technology in the Arts class we took a trip to 720 Bathurst Street to meet with Zach Pearl the Artistic Director for Subtle Technologies. He spoke to us about what Subtle Technologies do, hosting festivals and satellite sessions all on the topic of merging art, science and technology.

He described the differences between “big T’ Technologies and “little t” technologies. The focus then narrowed to virtual realities and augmented realities and examples of artists that they have collaborated with and presented who are using this technology in their practice. From 3-D printed dresses to naturally from plant dyed fabrics to collaborations between live music altering video projections, we were privileged to hear about many different projects that Subtle Technologies has hosted.

Our excitement grew as we made the connections of how closely what he was speaking about was related to our up coming symposium, Engaging Millennials: adapting the field of arts management.