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Get ready for 2019!

This year Arts Ahead is back with a new look to reflect a minimalist and millennial design focused on human migration and dispersion of artistic influences on our collective culture.

We are excited to announce our date of Thursday, February 21st, 2019. Information on tickets and location soon to come!

Our aim for the fourth-annual Arts Ahead (symposium) is to bring together artists and cultural leaders to share their experiences with the migration of cultures and how to adapt to a changing cultural landscape in the wake of the Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, #Families Belong Together, Me Too and the Time’s Up movements.

Our mission is to create an atmosphere where we can explore the effects of human migration and dispersion of artistic influences on culture. We seek to discover how arts organizations encourage cultural diversity and the representation of cultural identity.  Our cultural identity shapes who we become and it is expressed through our art and traditions. We will bring diverse speakers to the stage of our (symposium) to teach and inspire innovative methods of creating a more diverse and inclusive cultural landscape.

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