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Spotlight: Rui Pimenta, Founder & Co-Artistic Director, Co-Curator of Art Spin

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February 4, 2023. Rui Pimenta is the Founder & Co-curator of Art Spin, an arts organization now entering its 15th year of presenting site-specific, multidisciplinary programming in unique/alternative spaces and best known for its bicycle art tours. 

Rui is one of the speakers at Arts Ahead panel “Art in Unexpected Places” and all his knowledge in visual arts, exhibiting his work extensively in Canada and internationally, makes him an amazing fit for our symposium Lost, Found, and Unbound: Exploring Overlooked Opportunities for Arts Engagement.

What is the most unexpected place where you have found art?

I saw a very interesting theatrical production in the middle of the Eaton Centre during its regular hours of operation which meant the line between performers and regular shoppers was beautifully blurred.

Recommend a place that inspires you artistically.

This is a hard question to answer as there are so many spaces that inspire me in this way. That said, I do have a soft spot for raw industrial spaces which Art Spin has enjoyed working in on various occasions.

How do you deal with creativity blocks?

I ask for help, speak with friends and colleagues I respect to help me get you out of my own head. Creativity blocks in my experience usually stem from thinking in isolation. Also, keep working, the only way back to a creative place is through the block. 

What is the importance of participating in academic spaces like Arts Ahead?

Any opportunity to share ideas and hopefully learn new ones is something I welcome. This type of sharing is especially important when it comes to thinking about something like “unexpected spaces” which by its very nature will differ significantly from person to person or artist to artist.

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